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 John Piesik has tuned our Yamaha grand piano for several years.  As a Navy family, our beloved piano has moved coast to coast, and to Hawaii and back.  John is reliable, courteous, professional, thorough, and a real gentleman.  This past fall, our home was flooded and one of my first calls was to John.  He calmly and patiently told me what to do and followed up with me in the ensuing month.  He tuned my piano, and also gave it a thorough and deep cleaning by hand.  It was meticulous work.  Meanwhile, John recommends appropriately and helpful items (string cover, humidity control system) depending on the piano, its age, location, etc.  I recommend him unreservedly.

– Julie A., Carlsbad, CA


 John does a great job.  Very attentive to detail, always on time and my Baldwin grand sounds great!  What more can you want?  Excellent.  You won’t be disappointed.

– E. B., Encinitas, CA


 Thanks for tuning our piano on Saturday.  I especially appreciate you working in the middle of the noise and chaos of our house on a Saturday morning.  Piano sounds great, and we look forward to the boys learning to play!

– Steve M., Oceanside, CA


 John is an excellent Piano Tuner and someone who has the experience, knowledge, and integrity to get the job done right.  He is very friendly, reliable, and the consummate professional.  I do a lot of recording and teach many kids, and John always makes sure that my Piano is sounding great and is in tip top shape!  I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a Piano Tuner.

– David E. (piano teacher), Oceanside, CA


 John has tuned and cared for my Yamaha baby grand for over 10 years.  It looks and sounds as good as the first day we got it.  He is professional, thorough and knows how to properly service a piano – which is an art in itself.  I highly recommend him!

– Erica M., Carlsbad, CA


 Just a note of thanks for the extra special care you gave my Baldwin grand last month.  I’ve always appreciated your attention to detail, and I especially appreciated your willingness to make time in your schedule to check out what was bugging me.  Thanks also for your referrals.

– Annette P. (piano teacher), Vista, CA


 I have played piano for over 45 years.  I know how a piano should sound.  John has tuned my Steinway grand piano for a very long time.  He has the uncanny knack of knowing just what needs attention.  Tuning is an art as much as it is a science, and John is both an artist and a scientist.  He is meticulous in his work and totally honest;  he does not suggest repairs if they are not needed.  I recommend John highly.

– Paul C., Vista, CA


 I have had John Piesik tune our family console piano several times.  He is very detail oriented and passionate about his job and always explains what he is doing and why it needs to be done.  John is also very polite and professional and gets the job done right.  I highly recommend him!

– Val B., Oceanside, CA


 John Piesik has tuned our baby grand piano since we moved to Carlsbad 4 years ago.  He is professional, very courteous, and always shows up right on time for our scheduled appointments.  Our piano always sounds fantastic upon completion of his work.  John is very honest with his recommendations and comments he might have regarding the upkeep and maintenance of our piano and is always prompt with his reminder cards for our next tuning!  (Thank you for those postcards, John!)  Piesik Piano Tuning is HIGHLY recommended!

– Janette M., Carlsbad, CA


 I love what you did with our grand.  It’s not only in tune but sounds richer with improved tone.  My mom loves it too, so thank you for your work!  Also, thank you so much for listing me on your website!  I teach mostly in San Diego, but do teach in San Marcos on Fridays.  Thank you again, John!

– Corby S. (piano teacher), San Marcos, CA


 John is extremely professional and we’ve been blessed to have him do his magic on our Steinway for almost 10 years now.  I honestly could not be any happier with his work!  I am nowhere near a concert pianist, but I do play professionally in a few local bands, so our piano probably gets played 2–3 hours daily, sometimes more.  John helps us keep it in great shape and sounding terrific.  He always does a great job educating me on the inner workings of a piano, what needs attention and when (and why!), and never tries to “sell” me anything.  I really admire his work ethic and strongly recommend him.

– Chris C., Encinitas, CA


 I am so glad I called him!  My piano hadn’t been tuned since I moved here, and I felt so comfortable with John taking care of it.  He was very professional, detailed, and kind.  You can tell he loves pianos, and I enjoyed hearing him play.  I’ll definitely call him for the next tuning!

– Amy B., Oceanside, CA


 John Piesik is a highly qualified, knowledgeable, and skilled piano technician.  His website is informative and navigable.  As a piano teacher, I would trust him with advice, care, and repair for my instrument, which receives much use and must be kept in quality condition.  I also trust Piesik to service my student’s instruments, knowing that they will receive proper care and attention by an expert.

– Emily Z. (piano teacher), Bonsall, CA


 I’ve been using John for about 15 years.  I inherited an old upright that has great sentimental value.  John has kept it alive and sounding great.  Very professional and very skilled.  Highly recommended.

– Daniel K., Carlsbad, CA


 John takes his time to tune and maintain the whole instrument.  His knowledge and experience is impressive, and he is patient and enjoys conversation about his craft.  John is also an accomplished pianist and musician.  I have spent some time developing tuning devices and their application to various instruments.  Tuning a piano is NOT like tuning your saxophone or guitar.  A tuning meter just gets you started.  The rest is done by ear, feel, and artistry...if you are curious read about "stretching the octaves".

– T. E., Oceanside, CA


 Our precious piano had been around the world arriving in CA with a thud, a twang, and a funky dehumidifier.  John was recommended by our piano teacher and repaired and tuned it all with prompt professional precision.  He’s kept both piano and dehumidifier in great shape ever since...provided I heed his annual tuning reminders!  Thanks John!

– Kandy R., Vista, CA


 Thank you for tuning our piano.  But also, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you fixing the piano bench.  That bench would have continued to be in that horrible condition for who knows how long if you hadn’t fixed it!

– Wanda L., Oceanside, CA


 John has tuned our 25 year old Samick grand piano and recently cleaned it.  He is wonderful to work with.  Meticulous, detailed and a wealth of information.  Very timely, polite and professional!  We highly recommend him to anyone wanting to tune and take extra care of their piano.

– John C., Carlsbad, CA


 When people ask me to recommend a piano tuner, I always send them to Piesik Piano Tuning.  John has been tuning pianos for many years and takes great pride in his work.  He is very meticulous and has an incredible ear.  He obviously loves what he does and even plays the piano himself.  I will definitely call him again!

– Chris V., Oceanside, CA


 Thank you for your great piano service.  Continue to recommend me and I you.  If you can find a good attractive piano light, I will buy it from you.

– Carolyn D. (piano teacher), Carlsbad, CA


 Got my piano tuned after years of it being moved around.  So happy to have my piano back.  John was great, professional and even did a small repair on the piano.  Will be coming back for the next tune up!

– Kelly H., Oceanside, CA


 John came to my studio and tuned my Yamaha piano today.  I’m very satisfied with the work he did, and I’m glad he could fit me into his schedule on such short notice.  He was very informative about the process and about further required maintenance – I will definitely be returning to Piesik Piano Tuning.

– Patrick Z. (recording studio), San Marcos, CA


 John Piesik has been tuning my Boston grand piano for over 15 years.  I am a vocalist and a musical theatre director.  I’ve had recording sessions and performances with notable opera vocalist and jazz ensembles in my home, and having a tuned and beautiful piano is a must.  I have tried other piano tuners in the past, but none of them were as meticulous, caring, and truly interested in my instruments as John Piesik.  I live near the coast so keeping my piano tuned is tricky.  John is extremely knowledgeable about coastal humidity.  John Piesik is a member of the prestigious Piano Technicians Guild – not all piano tuners are.  John is a pianist himself, and this crosses over in his passion for tuning.  I recommend John without any hesitation!

– Deborah D. (music director), Oceanside, CA


 Another excellent job!  What grand tones.  I’m dishing your cards out like they were Halloween candy.  Thanks for another great job.

– Nancy B. (piano teacher), Oceanside, CA


 I enthusiastically endorse John as an excellent Piano technician.  He is highly skilled in his profession and is absolutely dedicated to repairing musical instruments.  He was able to beautifully repair my broken harmonium, and it is fully restored to its original state.  I must acknowledge John’s complete and unconditional customer friendliness, respect and professionalism.  He is a wonderful human being to interact with and will absolutely give you the best price and service possible.  Rest assured that if your instrument is repairable, he will take every measure to pay meticulous dedication in fixing it.  Thank you, John for your wonderful service!

– Shafin A., Oceanside, CA


 This has been the most amazing piano experience I have ever had with a company.  To say above and beyond service is not enough words.  Price was very reasonable and service prompt and friendly.  In six months, I will have my piano tuned again absolutely!!!  Great addition for Oceanside music lovers!

– Skyler E., Oceanside, CA


 16 years with John Piesik and my piano is in steller condition.  John is very well educated and skilled at the art of piano care.  I am a piano and singing teacher and nothing but the best will do for my instrument.  I do not hesitate to recommend him to all my students.  Price and service are excellent.  (Just don't book into my time slot!)

– Jeann H. (piano teacher), Solana Beach, CA


 New to the area and needed a piano tuner.  He is the best piano tuner I have had.  I have a spinet and he educated me on how the action worked and how I could fix the clacking sound myself.  He found the parts I needed, mailed them to me, and offered to help me if I needed it.  Nice to have someone helpful and encouraging of doing some work yourself.

– Andrea O., Oceanside, CA


 We found a 1948 Kimball piano in hopes that our daughters would take an interest.  We had no idea where to start or how to fix it up.  John had the answers for everything.  His professional demeanor and approachable persona made him the perfect guy to tune up and fix the piano.  The attention to detail he displayed was nothing short of impressive.  My 4 year old daughter was asking him questions as he worked on the piano and he took the time to answer each question.  Our piano is looking and sounding much better because of John’s fantastic work.  I would highly recommend John for any and all piano services.  I know I will be calling him again the next time our piano needs a tune-up.

– Mark S., Oceanside, CA


 John was knowledgeable and extremely professional.  I appreciated his service.

– Tyson L., Carlsbad, CA


 Thank you again for your excellent service.

– Peggy G., Oceanside, CA


 John has tuned my piano for many years.  He is very professional and honest.  I am always impressed at how my instrument sounds when he leaves.  John has always gone above and beyond and I would recommend him to anyone.  In fact, I do, since I have many piano students who also need to take care of their instruments.  I haven’t had anyone else tune and care for my piano, and I don’t plan to.  He is detail oriented and if my piano starts to do something quirky, I know John will have a solution for it.  Always happy to have my piano serviced and tuned!

– Melinda P. (Giacoletti Music, Owner) Oceanside, CA


 Thank you for your labor and your calling.  One of the things I love is when my husband plays piano and sings to me.  Thank you for putting something back into our lives.

– Jodean D., Vista, CA


Serving San Diego North County – Since 1990


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