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In the Home

Many piano repairs can be performed in the home including broken piano keys, strings, broken piano hammers, squeaky pedals, and sticking keys.  I carry with me a wide variety of strings, grand piano and upright piano parts, glues, lubricants and other specialized materials to successfully perform many repairs on–site.  (Most repairs are typically not included in the cost of a piano tuning.)

In the Shop

Some problems that need repair, including severely worn, defective or broken action components, may require that the piano action mechanism, or the piano itself, go into the shop for replacement of action parts, rebuilding or reconditioning.  Broken benches and pedal lyres, along with other parts of the piano, can also be repaired, quite effectively in the shop.  Over the years I have repaired dozens of piano benches and piano pedal lyres to the delight of their owners.

Piano Repair Services (partial list)

•  Bass string replacement

•  Pedals

•  String repair

•  Broken hammer repair

•  Cleaning

•  Broken key repair

•  Muffler rail felt replaced


•  Sticking keys

•  Grand lyre repair

•  Bench repair

•  Caster wheel repair

•  Music desk repair

•  Action repair

•  Keytops replacement


As tempting as it might be, do not perform repairs yourself.  Though a problem may appear easy to solve (such as regluing a broken hammer), a qualified piano technician will have the proper experience, tools and parts to make repairs quickly and correctly.  It’s important to remember that unsuccessful, amateur repairs are usually much more expensive to fix than the initial problem and may decrease the value of your piano.



Amateur Piano Repair - Example 1Amateur Piano Repair - Example 2
(Yet another use for duct tape.)(Masking tape in action!)

Piano Repair Expertise

Exceptional diagnostic skills, attention to detail and innovative approach allows me to achieve the highest-quality, technically-accurate repairs on all levels of pianos, from grands to uprights.  Every aspect of the repair needed for your piano will be clearly explained.  When performing repairs, I make it a top priority to get you confidently back at the keyboard with minimal downtime.


Serving North San Diego County – Since 1990


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